y’all niggas still out here puttin’ nike logos on plain ass pictures i see, i’ll be back later.

i’m on hiatus with social media, entering a cocoon. so, until we meet again.

in this photo: some fucking nigger taking a selfie in my selfie


fuck summer i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october

i got trolled, hard.

Fyodor Golan Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

bitch mob.


Plz don’t gas these grlz

Anonymous: did your girl cheat on you

fuck no. she never cheated on me, and never would. I never cheated on her, and never would.

sometimes i question why i even use tumblr, or what it has to offer me. but then i remember it’s because i get daily enjoyment out of it, it’s entertaining. to me tumblr is my daily info input, as opposed to grown ups or other people who receive info through watching the news or reading the paper. tumblr is also great because the majority of it is shit i actually want to know or am interested in. my friends say i use tumblr a lot, but i feel that i use it as much as people use the news and paper as a data/info input.


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